Native Youth and Culture Fund

Native Youth and Culture Fund (NYCF)

First Nations launched the NYCF in 2002 with generous support from Kalliopeia Foundation and other foundations and tribal, corporate and individual supporters. The NYCF is designed to enhance culture and language awareness, and promote youth empowerment, leadership and community building. This year’s funding is provided by Kalliopeia Foundation and an anonymous donor. Including awards made in 2016, First Nations has awarded 328 grants to Native youth programs throughout the U.S., totaling $5.55 million.

In 2016, First Nations awarded grants to 24 Native youth programs across the U.S., totaling $432,000. A year earlier, in 2015, FIrst Nations awarded 26 grants to American Indian and Native Hawaiian organizations. Those 26 projects represented the largest number of projects that were awarded in a single year. More than 1,200 tribal youth were served through those innovative efforts, which ranged from culture camps and language nests, to business classes and financial education workshops, to agriculture and other food-based activities. 



In 2016 First Nations awarded $432,000 to 24 organizations.

















In 2015 First Nations awarded $460,000 to 26 organizations.