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Get Out the Native Vote

Get out the Native Vote next Tuesday!

The general election is NEXT week – Tuesday, November 6. And although it’s too late for individuals to register to vote in this election, if you are registered please be sure to show up at the polls on Election Day or make sure your mail-in ballot is delivered to your election offices by Tuesday.

And, if possible, help your Native friends, neighbors and relatives vote or get to the polls on Election Day.

This year it is expected that Native Americans can have a significant impact on the national outcomes in several states, most notably Wisconsin, Arizona and North Carolina.  Additionally, political forecasters indicate that the Native vote can have a large impact on several other states in the Midwest and Northwest.

Many are also predicting the Native vote will be crucial in determining the winner of close U.S. Senate races.  There are closely contested races in Arizona, North Dakota, Montana and New Mexico where the tribal populations are between 5.2 and 10.1 percent.  For more information about the impact of the Native Vote on the Senate, visit this article in The Nation magazine.  It is also expected that in some regions, the Native vote could make a difference in determining races for the House of Representatives.  Michigan is one state in particular that has been highlighted and you can read more about it here on Indian Country Today Media Network.

For more information about getting out the Native Vote, visit The National Congress of American Indians’ website at  And you can find your state’s polling times here or check your state polling website to determine your polling location.

Make sure we get out the Native vote November 6!