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Help Make 2016 the “Year of Bears Ears”

Help Make 2016 the “Year of Bears Ears”

The Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition is seeking your support in asking President Obama to use his authority under the Antiquities Act to protect the Bears Ears landscape in southeastern Utah as a national monument that honors ancestral and contemporary Native American connections to the region.

One of the most diverse and spectacular landscapes on earth, the Bears Ears region remains sacred to many Native Americans. Home to more than 100,000 archaeological sites, the region is America’s most significant unprotected cultural area. With dozens of scenic red rock canyons, alpine peaks, forested plateaus and plentiful opportunities for solitude, Bears Ears is truly a place worth protecting for future generations.

Yet looting, grave robbing, ignorant visitation, oil drilling, mining and irresponsible motorized-vehicle use threaten to erase American history and damage a truly remarkable cultural landscape forever.

The Bears Ears Coalition is seeking permanent protection as a national monument for a landscape that should have been protected 100 years ago. The initial members of the coalition are the Hopi Tribe, Navajo Nation, Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, Pueblo of Zuni, and the Ute Indian Tribe. A total of 25 tribes have expressed support.

Please act now to call on President Obama to protect Bears Ears by signing the petition at By adding your voice, you’ll be supporting the preservation of Bears Ears.

You can get some inspiration for action by watching this new video of Regina Lopez-Whiteskunk, head councilwoman of Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, explaining the importance of the Bears Ears.  It’s at She speaks on the importance of Bears Ears and the Inter-Tribal Coalition’s proposal.

Also, read this opinion article in the Los Angeles Times titled “It’s time for Obama to make Bear Ears in Utah a national monument.”