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Urge Passage of Indian Teacher Loan Forgiveness Act

Take Action on the American Indian Teacher Loan Forgiveness Act of 2014

The “American Indian Teacher Loan Forgiveness Act of 2014” will amend Title IV (Student Assistance) of the Higher Education Act of 1965. This legislation will allow up to $17,500 of loan forgiveness to borrowers under the Federal Family Education Loan program or the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan program if you are (1) a member of an Indian tribe and (2) have been employed as a full-time teacher for five consecutive school years in an Indian school or in a local educational agency that serves at least 10 Indian students or whose schools have an enrollment of at least 25% American Indian students.

American Indian students are one of the most under-represented groups in college and higher education.  Many American Indian students do not have the resources available to attend college.  This is one way to help American Indian students receive assistance with their student loan debt and to encourage American Indian students to focus on becoming teachers.

Further, Teach For America’s Native Alliance Initiative says Native teachers represent only 1% of the teaching force, and that American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian dropout rates are the highest, while graduation rates and test scores are the lowest. We need more Native teachers for Native students!

The bill introduced in the Senate is S.2458 and you can find the text here:

The bill introduced in the House is H.R. 5370 and you can find the text here:

Please ask your state’s U.S. senators and your U.S. House representative to pass this legislation to help with this important student loan relief for American Indian students seeking to become teachers.  To find contact information for your senators and representative, go to this link: