Individual Development Account (IDA)

First Nations Development Institute offers several publications about IDAs in Indian Country.

(2005) - 13.22 KB

This workbook was developed to provide guidance to individuals interested in learning basic financial skills associated with IDAs. The workbook is designed to be interactive and will help to introduce people to IDAs, learn how to use IDAs to achieve savings goals, and learn how IDAs can help build assets.

(2003) - 16.91 KB

This paper seeks to explore in what ways American Indians have (or have not) typically had access to IDA policy making and program development. In examining the intergovernmental IDA policymaking processes, the authors surveyed 14 states with American Indian reservations and state IDA policies.

(2003) - 7.43 KB

This research paper provides an overview of data on Native IDA programs in early 2003 and identifies promising practices and lessons learned.

(2000) - 6.54 KB

An early evaluation of First Nations Development Institute's IDA initiative.