Native Food System Fact Sheets (Series 2)

A series of 12 Fact Sheets from First Nations Development Institute dealing with Native food system topics such as food policy, food hubs, farm-to-school programs, farmers’ markets and others.

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This fact sheet explores community (commercial) kitchens, including how they can be established and the value they can bring.

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This fact sheet looks at the history of farm-to-school food programs and provides general guidance on getting one started.

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This fact sheet provides an overview of farmers' markets, community-supported agriculture and how EBT (electronic benefit transfer) can be used in farmers' markets.

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This fact sheet gives a brief overview of some of the food and household income data and the policies that result from that data.

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This fact sheet explores food hubs, which are businesses or organizations that actively manage the aggregation, distribution and marketing of source-identified food products.

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This fact sheet takes a look at public policy dealing with how food is produced, processed, distributed and purchased, including on tribal, state and national levels.

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This fact sheet delves into what food safety is, how it is regulated or enforced, and why it's important to public health.

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This fact sheet provides a look at the exciting movement underway to embrace food seasonality and promote Native traditional foods in restaurants, schools, hospitals and other institutions. It includes an interview with Native Chef Nephi Craig (White Mountain Apache and Diné) along with a sample os a seasonal menu.

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This fact sheet talks about what food sovereignty is, its history and gives examples of it in Indian Country.

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This fact sheet provides some understanding of food business operation for producers and to familiarize others with terms that are often used to describe food businesses and the markets in which food flows.

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This fact sheet helps define the terms and provides an overview of the legal underpinnings. It also discussed what tribes and Indigenous communities can do to protect their seeds.

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This fact sheet is intended to offer some guidance to communities and programs that are trying to engage youth in agricultural and food projects.