Our Grantmaking Services


Together, we …

  • Identify and analyze issues, strategies and institutions relevant to your grantmaking.
  • Perform due diligence on tax status, regulatory compliance, fiscal soundness and effective governance.
  • Present strategies and programs in formats that support your decision-making process.
  • Build collaborative giving vehicles with like-minded partners.
  • Manage programs to ensure transparency, effectiveness, compliance and accountability.
  • Accurately represent your philanthropic goals and programs among other donors, nonprofits and the media.
  • Evaluate and document your program outcomes and impact.


At First Nations, we …

  • Manage communications with grantees and among board members.
  • Schedule meetings, site visits and donor education opportunities.
  • Conduct field and strategic positioning research.
  • Evaluate funded proposals and recommend appropriate donor action.
  • Plan, handle logistics and facilitate board meetings.
  • Field inquiries from grant seekers.
  • Design and issue requests for proposals and program guidelines.
  • Analyze proposals, conduct due diligence and recommend awards.
  • Develop and staff panels, juries, and advisory boards.
  • Provide applicant outreach and technical assistance.
  • Produce grant award letters, and obtain grantee agreements outlining award payments.
  • Monitor grant reporting requirements.
  • Collect reporting data and conduct cluster evaluations.
  • Maintain business records, files and documentation.
  • Coordinate administrative tasks with accountants, attorneys and other advisors.
  • Provide electronic record-keeping for all your grantmaking.

If you would like more information about our philanthropic services, contact Michael Roberts, president, at 303-774-7836 or via email at mroberts@firstnations.org.

Together, we Identify and analyze issues, strategies and institutions relevant to your grantmaking.
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