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2019 Annual Report


Introducing the 2019 Annual Report

The programs and successes of our community partners is evident in First Nations’ 2019 Annual Report. Their work is a testament to what can be accomplished through collaboration and tenacity, investment and focus. As First Nations’ Board Chairman Benny Shendo, Jr., writes: “When you bring people together and invest in them and challenge them — all communities are lifted up. All boats rise.”

This year, through the support of First Nations:

  • 16 Native nonprofit leaders joined the first-ever Native Fundraisers Community of Practice, where they built skills to strengthen the long-term sustainability of their nonprofits and tribal programs
  • Two cohorts of 27 selected Native farmers and ranchers improved capacity to manage their agriculture and food systems operations in Native communities
  • Multiple grantees invested in programs and services through the Native Language Immersion Initiative to revitalize and perpetuate Native languages
  • And so much more!

Also highlighted in the report: News of First Nations’ emerging program, Stewarding Native Lands, as well as details of the more than $4.5 million awarded to Native tribes and organizations across the U.S. in this year alone.

As always, First Nations’ Annual Report chronicles the achievements of Native communities that are possible thanks to First Nations’ generous donors, including individuals, foundations, corporation, organizations, and tribes. We are honored to feature the names of all contributors who believe and invest in our mission.

Download the publication and additional financial information here.

2019 Annual Report
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