Conservation Planning Curriculum for Native American Ranchers: Workbook


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A conservation plan supports Native American ranchers in assessing and addressing natural resource concerns related to soil, water, animals, plants, air energy, and human interaction. Implementing a conservation plan prevents environmental harm, enhances natural resources, protects cultural resources, creates or improves wildlife habitat, and strengthens land management systems. What is most important about a conservation plan is that helps individuals make informed decisions.

The Conservation Planning Curriculum for Native American Ranchers Workbook is designed to guide Native American ranchers through the conservation planning process. Tips and guiding questions are provided throughout the workbook to provide space to reflect and advance planning efforts.

Similar to the Conservation Planning Curriculum, the Conservation Planning Workbook is divided into four sections: Planning, Monitoring, Identifying, and Technical Assistance. These sections have related PowerPoints that are needed to move through workbook activities. Additional resources are provided, including conservation plan forms, that will guide ranchers on a successful conservation planning journey.