Native Americans and COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy: Pathways Toward Increasing Vaccination Rates for Native Communities


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The American COVID-19 Vaccine Poll, a new national survey focused on overcoming obstacles to full and equitable vaccination coverage, has a large oversample of Native Americans (n = 1,920) and provides needed data to inform the next phase of vaccination outreach for Native communities across the country.

Native Americans are often left out of national surveys like this one, either altogether invisible or delegated to an “other” category. The inclusion of a large Native American population in this study is therefore quite notable, as it provides insight into what is needed to overcome vaccine hesitancy among Native Americans across the US.

In this publication, Gabriel R. Sanchez and Raymond Foxworth, PhD, summarize some of the more prominent findings from the survey that can be integrated into communication and outreach programs for communities to increase vaccination rates. Moreover, findings provide pathways for targeted areas of support for philanthropic or other public health allies who want to support Native communities in increasing vaccination rates.

This paper was originally published as a Health Affairs Blog on July 29, 2021.