Native Nutrition Policy


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Nutrition policy is a critical community investment impacting the quality of life of present and future generations.

Since time immemorial, innovative and thriving food systems have provided the nutrition needed to maintain solid and diverse Native communities. Unfortunately, since contact with European settlers, the decisions and policies imposed on Native communities by settler colonial powers shape and impact nutrition realities in Native communities. Before discussing present-day nutrition policies in Indian Country, it is essential to examine the consequences of those policy choices and the resiliency and strength of Native communities throughout time.

To better understand Native nutrition policy needs, First Nations collaborated with Tahoma Peak Solutions (TPS), a Native woman-owned firm. TPS facilitated research through a literature review and interviews with key subject matter experts across Indian Country to identify barriers and solutions to nutritional deficits in Native communities. Through this work, TPS identified current and emerging issues and recommendations for advocacy and tribal, state, and federal policymakers.