Pamela Matthews

Receptionist, Albuquerque Office

Oglala and Hunkpapa Lakota

Pamela Matthews (Oglala and Hunkpapa Lakota) grew up in downtown Denver, Colorado. Pamela’s family migrated to the city from Pine Ridge, South Dakota, as a result of the Indian Relocation Act of 1956.

In her current role, she manages and maintains our Albuquerque office and provides administrative and logistical support and resources needed by our New Mexico-based staff and community partners.

Prior to joining First Nations in August 2022, Pamela worked as a patient care technician in both New Mexico and Colorado, gaining valuable experience in community care and fueling her commitment to serving her community and her deep understanding of the unique health challenges faced by Indigenous communities.

In addition to her professional work, Pamela is deeply involved in her culture and enjoys attending ceremonies and other cultural events.