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Indigenous Voices in the Outdoors

Rethink Outside™ Webinar

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Indigenous communities are in reciprocal relationship with the lands, water, and natural habitats. For time immemorial and to this day, Indigenous peoples’ knowledge, traditions, and inherent connection to the outdoors thrives despite violent removal. This Rethink Outside™ webinars honors and spotlights organizations led by and serving Indigenous, Native, and Tribal communities to promote equitable access to the outdoors. By cultivating outdoor experiences through an Indigenous lens, these organizations are supporting Indigenous and Tribal communities and advocating for Indigenous rights.

This webinar was co-hosted by the Blue Sky Funders Forum and the First Nations Development Institute.

Featured speakers:

– Abbi Han (moderator), First Nations Development Institute
– Kyle Trujillo, Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps
– Ashley Mueller, Native American Fish & Wildlife Society
– Verna Volker, Native Women Running
– Jolie Varela, Indigenous Women Hike