California Tribal Fund Mission

California Tribal Fund

Mission Statement
Our mission is to invest in the viability and visibility of California Tribal Nations and communities.

Vision Statement

We envision a future where California Native People — here since time immemorial — have authority over our homelands and honor our responsibility to our people, language and traditions to ensure our communities are recognized, strengthened and sustained.

Guiding Principles

Beholding California Tribal Worldview. We value each tribe’s traditions and beliefs with a deep understanding of our relationship with all life’s creations and our shared cultures.

Centering Culture. Our traditions and cultural values are at the center of all we do.

Truth. We affirm our own stories and historical narratives as the truth.

Building Community. We have a responsibility to support each other with honesty, trust and generosity.

Ancestral Knowledge. Through ancestral guidance we invest in the ingenuity of the First Peoples of California that will leads to thriving Native Nations.

Investing in Our People. We foster accountability, integrity, mentorship, transparency and reciprocity.

Viability. We are committed to partnering with our communities to continually thrive and perpetuate traditional values.

Educate and Empower. We believe in being open with all aspects of the giving process.

Equity. We believe that no matter ethnicity, social status or education, that our work will be fair and impartial and based on the needs of the self-identified community.

Being Stewards of Our Environment and Honoring Our Promises to the Creator. We all play a crucial role in protecting all things that support healthy ecosystems and the stewarding of our land in culturally expressive ways.

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