Common Reasons for Rejection

While First Nations cannot support all applicants, avoiding these common errors will increase your chances of receiving funding.

Missed Deadline

Applications close at 5 pm Mountain Time on the specified deadline. Any applications submitted after the deadline will be rejected by the online system and not accepted via email or mail.

Missing Information

Be sure to complete all requested information within the online application and required attachments.

Inconsistent or Unclear Project Focus

Applications should have a clear and consistent focus that directly correlates to priorities within the specified funding opportunity.

Applications for program(s)/project(s) outside of the specified funding opportunity’s priorities will not be considered.

Outside Geographic Restrictions

Several of First Nations’ funding opportunities specify geographic restrictions. Be sure to carefully review the RFP for more information.

Missing Attachment(s)

Be sure to complete and upload all requested attachments utilizing the proper format, as specified by application directions.

Project Not Within Funding Period

First Nations cannot provide funding for grant activities that will occur outside of the specified grant period for each RFP.

Inconsistent Math in Budget

Check, check, and double check the numbers provided in your budget. Costs should be reasonable and relevant to proposed grant activities. Provide realistic and consistent cost estimates.

Insufficient Native Leadership

First Nations is committed to supporting Native-controlled and tribally-operated organizations. All applications should include tribal affiliation information for board members. Where appropriate, please also include tribal affiliations for leadership and key staff.

Please refer to First Nations’ Frequently Asked Questions document to ensure that your organization is in compliance with the definition of such organizations prior to submitting an application.

Unsatisfactory Evaluation & Metrics

Evaluation is an important aspect of all successful program(s)/project(s). Proposed goals and objectives for each project should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound).

Please refer to First Nations’ resource document regarding Evaluation & SMART Goals & Objectives.


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