Creating a Successful Application

First Nations has compiled several resources for applicants who may need assistance creating a successful proposal.

Preparing to Submit Your Application

Preparation for successful applications should include, but is not limited to, the following steps:

  1. Thoroughly read and review guidelines within the specified Requests for Proposal.
  2. Read through First Nations’ Frequently Asked Questions document.
  3. Browse through First Nations’ other documents listed under Grantseeker Resources.

Grants That Rise to the Top

Successful grant applications typically include, but are not limited to, the following considerations:

  1. Projects or programs that emphasize strengthening Native American, Alaska Native, or Native Hawaiian communities
  2. A clear focus within projects and programs connected to the organization’s stated mission
  3. Proper alignment with stated funding priorities and eligibility guidelines
  4. A new or innovative idea or an ongoing effort that substantially builds upon past success
  5. The ability and/or experience necessary to successfully accomplish the proposed project
  6. Strong and diverse leadership that reflects the community served
  7. A clear plan of action with specific, measurable, and realistic goals and objectives
  8. Logical and sequential development of project or program implementation timelines
  9. Accurate, reasonable, and consistent project or program budget
  10. Projects that incorporate periodic assessment, documentation, and dissemination of progress and final results
  11. Feasibility, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability of proposed projects or programs
  12. Sufficient organizational capacity to successfully implement the proposed project or programs
  13. Strategic plans for collaborating and forming partnerships
  14. Direct engagement of target audiences within the planning, implementation, and evaluation process
  15. Support from the project’s or program’s targeted audience
  16. Potential for application and replication in other Native communities
  17. Proper completion of all application documents and required attachments

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