Lifting up Native voices

Economic Justice in Indian Country

First Nations Development Institute is teaming up with Nonprofit Quarterly to present a series of articles on economic justice in Indian Country and ways that philanthropy might more effectively support this work.

In this series, leading voices in Indian Country, including community development financial institution (CDFI) directors, consultants, business advisors, and more, will point out structural inequities and call for change and new approaches for economic and social justice.

Photo credit NPQ, Los Muertos Crew from Pexels

The “Long Awaiting” — Lifting Up Native Voices for Economic Justice, September 15, 2021

Rewriting the Rules: Putting Trust Lands to Work for Native American Benefit, September 22, 2021

Helping Native Business Owners Thrive: How to Build a Supportive Ecosystem, September 29, 2021

Moving Beyond the 5 C’s of Lending: A New Model of Credit for Indian Country, October 6, 2021

Building Community through Finance: A Wisconsin Native CDFI’s Story, October 13, 2021

From Insecurity to Sovereignty: A Vision for Food Justice, October 20, 2021