Community Building through Funding

Philanthropy in Indian Country

Recently, First Nations Development Institute teamed with Nonprofit Quarterly to present a series of articles to highlight voices of respected Native American nonprofit leaders to sound off on a variety of topics related to philanthropy and its interactions with the Native American nonprofit sector. This is a rare opportunity for a larger audience to hear and learn from Native people who have been leading the way in fighting for Native communities and advocating for greater philanthropic support for the innovative work taking place in Native communities across the United States. Read the articles in the series by clicking links below, followed by additional articles from funders who intentionally support Native communities in their work.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day: Combating the Erasure of Native People

People Powered: Strength-Based Movements

Unpacking Capacity Building

Linguistic and Cultural Revitalization in Indian Country: Lessons for Philanthropy

Let’s Talk about Fundraising: A Perspective from Cochiti Pueblo

Irrational Numbers: Charting a New Path in Indian Country

Celebrating Our Strengths: Authentic Partnerships for Nation Building

Philanthropy as Reciprocity

Building Partnerships in Indian Country: Rules for the Road

Additional Funder articles:

Spoiler Alert: Narrative Change Needed to Support Indigenous-led Work

How to Seek, Find, and Engage Native American Staff and Board Members

Learning to Support Indigenous Communities: One Foundation’s Experience

In an effort to demystify engagement with Indian Country, three funders explain the ways in which they approach and work with Native nations and communities. Learn more from the articles below written by Ren Dietel, Senior Partner, Dietel & Partners, Virginia Clarke, Executive Director, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders and Malcolm Macleod, Johnson Scholarship Foundation.

Beginning the Journey

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Why We Work in Indian Country

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25 Years of Investment

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