Act now for the Rural Tribal Window for high-speed internet

A Window of Opportunity to Expand High-Speed Internet in Native Communities is about to Close

As Native communities work to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for reliable internet service in Indian Country has gained renewed attention. Now more than ever, rural Native Communities must have access to dependable, high-speed internet for emergency communications, telehealth, and online business and economic development, as well as education, outreach, and social connection.

Many tribes may not be aware that there is currently an opportunity to claim and use the unassigned internet spectrum that is already running across their lands.

The FCC 2.5GHz Rural Tribal Window is an exclusive opportunity for rural tribes to take control of their digital communication infrastructure and build out or lease their own internet networks. Possibilities for these networks include:

  • Fixed and wireless internet service for government, health and emergency services
  • High-speed internet for home use
  • High-speed internet for business use

The deadline for tribes to apply for the 2.5GHz license is August 3, 2020, and the application process is free.  

NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE ACTION! Here’s what you can do:

If you work for a tribe: Get informed and apply for the FCC’s 2.5GHz license. 

Learn more here. And for more information, register for First Nations’ Rural Tribal Window webinar, June 25, 2020, at 11:30 am Mountain Time. Here, panelists will break down the FCC Rural Tribal Window application process and discuss the many possibilities for tribes that control their own broadband spectrum and wireless networks. They will also share resources for help with the FCC Rural Tribal Window application, as well as a plain-language explanation of the network buildout process.

We recommend that at least one member of tribal council and one or more members of tribal IT, planning, utility, economic development, or finance departments attend the webinar together.

Register here for First Nations’ informational 2.5GHz webinar.  

If you are a tribal community member: Spread the word. 

Share the webinar link with your tribal council and tribal IT, planning, utility, economic development, and finance departments. Make sure they understand that this opportunity expires August 3, 2020, and represents a singular opportunity to exercise tribal sovereignty and bring or expand high-speed internet for your community.

Important: Community members are welcome to attend the webinar, but only tribes and tribally-controlled entities are eligible to submit an application through the FCC 2.5GHz Rural Tribal Window. 

Take advantage of this singular opportunity. Register here for the webinar to learn more!