First Nations to Advance Work to Nurture Native Youth

New $1 million investment from Blue Meridian Partners to support programs for holistic well-being and a positive sense-of-self for Native youth

Longmont, Colo. (December 22, 2021) – First Nations Development Institute (First Nations) is honored to announce the receipt of a $1 million investment from Blue Meridian Partners. The funding will go toward First Nations’ ongoing work with Native youth-serving organizations that support Native youth development in education, mental health, and strengthening Native identity.

Blue Meridian Partners is a philanthropic organization that makes large, performance-based investments to scale up the most promising strategies that boost economic mobility and make a meaningful difference for young people and families in poverty across the country.

First Nations President and CEO Michael Roberts said the support will go toward supporting Native organizations working with Native youth. This will include programs working to perpetuate Native languages, culture practices, and knowledge systems that are the heart and soul of Native communities and the vehicle through which ancestral traditions are passed, and values – such as respect for elders, community, and the Earth – are taught.

“The Native youth-serving organizations doing this work are the unsung heroes,” Roberts said. “And this investment in their work from Blue Meridian Partners will help ensure that a new generation of tribal members will build a positive cultural identity through values systems that link the past and the future.”

With the funding, First Nations will provide general operating grants to community partners. First Nations will also provide capacity-building technical assistance and training aimed at Native communities working at the intersection of Native youth development, language perpetuation, and cultural knowledge development.

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