Native Nonprofit Day is May 20!

Did you know that large foundations have allocated less than half a percent of their total annual grantmaking to Native communities since 2006? ―From Investing in Native Communities


Native-led nonprofit organizations are often overlooked when philanthropic foundations dole out their yearly donations. According to a report by the Center for Effective Philanthropy, 67% of foundation leaders say they provide little or no funding to organizations serving Native communities.

To advocate for Native-led nonprofits nationwide, Native Ways Federation (NWF) is launching its first-ever Native Nonprofit Day on May 20, 2022.

“Native people are often considered as an afterthought if we are considered at all. According to the dominant narrative, we are people of the past. When we are mentioned, we are often relegated to an ‘other’ category within demographic data sources,” says NWF Executive Director Carly Bad Heart Bull, JD.

She adds, “We are regularly considered too ‘statistically insignificant’ for our stories to make the front page. In reality, there is important work happening every day ― much of it led by Native nonprofits.”

Important issues that Native nonprofits focus on include environmental protection, voting rights, health equity, reclaiming traditional agriculture, advancing Native education, and ending violence against women and children.

Become an advocate for Native nonprofits this May!

The inaugural Native Nonprofit Day on May 20 ― and the entire month of May ― will be dedicated to educating and raising awareness about the importance of supporting the giving initiatives of systemically underfunded Native-led nonprofits.

First Nations President and CEO Michael Roberts applauds this Native Ways campaign and encourages all donors and foundations to participate. “In the eyes of many philanthropic leaders, Indigenous peoples in North America remain invisible day to day. This day is another reminder that we are indeed here, and it is time we draw attention to the disparity in overall gift-giving to Native nonprofit groups. ”

NWF is asking all Native-led nonprofits to use #NativeNonprofitDay, #GiveNative, & #SupportNativeLed in their fundraising efforts leading up to and on Native Nonprofit Day.

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NOTE: Native Ways Federation defines “Native-led” and “Native-controlled” nonprofits as organizations with at least 51% of the board of directors and leadership team identifying as American Indian, Alaska Native, or Native Hawaiian. They advocate for Native-led organizations whose programs predominantly serve tribes, Native communities, and peoples in tribal and/or off-reservation communities.

Native Ways Foundation invites non-Native foundations and non-Native-controlled nonprofits to join them in uplifting Native-led nonprofits throughout May, but request that they refrain from fundraising for non-Native organizations using Native Nonprofit Day materials.