Special News: GATHER DVDs coming to First Nations Grantees

Gather Releases Soon!

First Nations Issues Free DVDs to Grantees in Celebration of Food Sovereignty Work

Gather, the full-length documentary exploring Native food systems co-produced by First Nations Development Institute, made its worldwide debut at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival last month. Now the film is coming to First Nations’ grantees of its Native Agriculture and Food Systems Initiative (NAFSI) and Native Arts Initiative (NAI).

First Nations is sending 10 DVDs to each NAFSI and NAI grantee free of charge.

DVDs coming soon!

  • First Nations’ grantees: Watch for your shipment of DVDs in the mail. 
  • If you are not a First Nations’ grantee and within Indian Country, fill out this form. First Nations will have limited quantities of DVDs available for only the price of shipping.
  • For the general public, Gather can be preordered immediately on iTunes and will be available soon. 

The film, the result of a three-year collaboration between First Nations and documentary film director Sanjay Rawal, focuses on the growing Native American food sovereignty movement and raises national and international awareness of the need to invest in Native food systems.

“Gather is a celebration of Indian resilience,” said Michael Roberts, First Nations President and CEO. “And it’s a reminder of hope as we overcome obstacles with greater awareness, more investment in Indian Country, and a reconnection with our lands and our food.” 

Gather features five grantees, including Twila Cassadore (San Carlos Apache), who has created the Western Apache Diet Project, a movement back to traditional foods. The film also features Elsie DuBray (Cheyenne River Sioux), who was a high school senior at the time of filming and entered the Intel World Science Fair. Her analysis of lipid structure in buffalo meat, which her family raises and harvests, got her a fourth-place award in the biology division in 2018.

Actor and activist Jason Momoa and his team have also joined as executive producers and in the film’s promotional outreach. He has posted information about the film to his 15.1 million followers on Instagram (@prideofgypsies) stating, “The fight for food rights is interconnected to every battle in Indigenous communities.” 

Gather and its related journalism effort were underwritten by NoVo Foundation and The 11th Hour Project of the Schmidt Family Foundation. 

Watch the Gather trailer here!)

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