Current Projects

Food Pantry Initiative

In 2020, First Nations’ created the Food Pantry Initiative, an initiative that aims to provide Native American communities, organizations, and programs the resources needed to address food insecurity.

The Food Pantry Initiative, made possible with the support of American Express,  responds to the fact that Native Americans have some of the highest food insecurity rates in the United States and that both Tribes and Tribal community organizations are in the best position to address their needs.

Strengthening Native Programs & Feeding Families Grants

Through this initiative, First Nations is awarding 12 Strengthening Native Programs & Feeding Families Grants averaging $10,000 each annually over four years. With these grants, the Food Pantry Initiative will support a total of 48 Native-run nonprofits and Native community groups that are addressing food insecurity through food distribution.

Selected grantees will also work to distribute approximately 5,000 pounds of food, in line with the Food Pantry Initiative goal of collecting and distributing a total of 240,000 pounds of food over the four years of the grant program.