Current Projects

Indigenous Food Systems Community of Practice

The goal of First Nations’ Indigenous Food Systems Community of Practice is to foster more equitable practices by philanthropic institutions, resulting in increased access to resources by Native-led organizations and initiatives. Through this Community of Practice, food systems funders have the opportunity to share and sharpen their skills and strategies for investing in Indigenous partners who are leading sustainable agriculture and food systems work in Indian Country.

The project is being implemented through a partnership between First Nations and Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders (SAFSF) and is made possible with support from Northwest Area Foundation and W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

Key objectives include:

  • Increase investments in Native-led initiatives by Community of Practice participant organizations
  • Build and strengthen connections between funders with varying levels of experience with grantmaking in Indian Country
  • Increase participants’ awareness, advocacy and ability to identify and create change within their internal philanthropic practices to produce a more equitable funding environment
  • Help participants establish a deeper understanding of Indigenous communities

Over the course of a year, funders gathered to interact, learn, and build relationships with Native American practitioners, organizations, and communities offering food systems solutions. The newly selected cohort of grantmakers, lenders, and investors who bring a commitment to investing in Indigenous communities have begun to meet and exchange ideas and approaches.

Funder Opportunity: October 4, 2022

Learn from SAFSF Indigenous Food Systems Community of Practice

On October 4, 2022, at 12:30 pm MT, food systems funders are invited to join 2021-2022 Indigenous Food Systems Community of Practice members as they share their experience on how to increase investment in Indian Country. Key takeaways and personal and professional experiences will be shared, creating an opportunity for funders to talk about how to be a better ally for Native communities.


Indigenous Food Systems: Funder Webinar

In April 2021, Ricardo Salvador, director of the Food and Environment Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists, and A-dae Romero-Briones, director of programs – Native Agriculture and Food Systems for First Nations, led a dynamic discussion to introduce the Community of Practice and help funders deepen their knowledge of U.S. food systems and how policy, systemic racism, and inequity have shaped Indigenous agriculture and food systems both historically and today.

Grantmakers, lenders, and investors: View the recording here!