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My Green Campaign

My Green Campaign

First Nations created the My Green campaign and website in response to the demand to provide financial education to the growing number of Native youth who are receiving a large lump sum of money as part of their Minor’s Trust (Big Money) payout.

The campaign website went live on April 17, 2013 and is equipped with a variety of interactive money tools designed to help Native youth make the most of out of their per capita payments. Visit to try out the My Big Money online game, the different money tools and visit the Ask Mo financial advice column to get answers to your most pressing questions regarding financial planning.

The campaign is led by four Native youth, Denessa, Jordan, Dakota, and Hunter, who share their stories and lessons learned about their Minor’s Trust, or “Big Money.”

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My Green FAQ

Q: What does Big Money stand for?

A: Big Money is a slang term for a large lump sum Minor’s Trust payout.

Q: What are Minor’s Trust Payouts?

A: When tribes generate revenue from tribal enterprises or leases they have the discretion to issue per capita (or monetary) payments to tribal citizens. Many tribes that make per capita payments hold these payments for minors in a trust until they reach a specified age. At the specified age the minor receives the Minor’s Trust Payout.

Q: Who Receives Minor’s Trust Payouts and Per Capita Payments?

A: As sovereign nations, tribes have the discretion to decide how and when to distribute per capita payments and Minor’s Trust payouts to their citizens. Some tribes place conditions on Minor’s Trust payouts such as requiring minors to earn a high school diploma or GED before they can receive their Minor’s Trust payout.

Many tribes do not issue per capita payments or Minors Trust payouts. Some have decided against the payments. Others do not generate enough income to issue payments at all.

Q: Where can I learn more about Minor’s Trust Payouts and Per Capita Payments?

A: In addition to the My Green website First Nations has many resources available in our Knowledge Center as well as at our InvestNative website.

Q: Where can I learn more about Financial Education in Native Communities?

A: At of course! But the program section of First Nations’ website outlines some of the innovative projects we are undertaking in Native communities. Additionally we have many resources available in our Knowledge Center dealing with financial education.