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$pending Frenzy!

$pending Frenzy!

First Nations’ $pending Frenzy kits comes with everything you need to host a successful financial reality fair that will help prepare Native American youth for their Big Money (also known as a Minor’s Trust Payment).  Several satisfied customers have already ordered kits and begun implementing the popular financial simulation event in their home communities.

The $pending Frenzy financial reality fair was designed by First Nations to offer youth expecting a large Minor’s Trust payment an opportunity to practice handling a substantial lump sum of money and to spend it wisely. In the simulation, teens are given $40,000 in fake money and are required to make informed spending decisions to purchase a car, a house, groceries, and other items. Students can practice visiting a bank to cash their check and deposit a share of their money into savings, and are also given the opportunity to learn about investing a portion of their money.

Surveys from $pending Frenzy events held in Native communities across the nation have revealed that over 90% of participants found the event useful and believed they could use the information from the event to assist them in managing their money.

In total, nearly 1,400 Native youth have participated in the $pending Frenzy across 12 different states in 18 unique communities since the first pilot of the $pending Frenzy with Seneca Nation youth in 2011.  Tribes, community organizations, schools, and others have been increasingly demanding the simulation.  To keep up with the popularity of the $pending Frenzy, First Nations answered the call by producing an all-in-one, do-it-yourself kit.

The box kit comes with everything you need to host a successful simulation, complete with all booth materials, a facilitator’s guide, stacks of play money, a professional bill counter, budgeting cards, $pending Frenzy merchandise and more!  The all-inclusive kit is $1,200.

To place an order or to ask a question about the kit, please contact Simone Klein by phone at 303-774-7836 or email her at

To learn more about how the $pending Frenzy works, check out our Learning by Doing report on the Knowledge Center.

To find out more about the new “$pending Frenzy” app and the return to in-person workshops, read the latest Impact Story.


‘$pending Frenzy’ Returns!

In spring 2022, after a more than two-year hiatus due to COVID-19, First Nations Development Institute reintroduced its signature financial skills program, $pending Frenzy, in schools and at in-person venues. The first stop was Gallup, New Mexico, for a youth empowerment event at Central High School to remind students about the importance of financial planning.

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