First Nations Awarded Training Grant From USDA for Native American Farm to School Initiative

First Nations Awarded Grants for Native American Farm to School Initiatives

LONGMONT, Colorado (November 4, 2019) — First Nations Development Institute has received two grants to strengthen the capacity of Native American Farm to School programs.

Farm to School programs in Native communities increase access to healthy foods and education for Native youth. Providing nutritious and healthy foods in school meals, along with nutrition education, can help start Native children on a path toward good health for life.

Both these programs will provide financial support and technical assistance and training to Native communities that are looking to create or expand farm to school programs, enhance education curriculum and/or engage new supply chain partners.

The first program, Continuing the Tradition of Indigenous Farming and Environmental Stewardship project, funded with a $100,000 grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will build the capacity of Native American Farm to School programs in New Mexico that provide quality experiential and/or classroom-based environmental and agricultural education to Native American students and engage communities in their programs.

Under the Continuing the Tradition of Indigenous Farming and Environmental Stewardship project, First Nations will provide training and capacity-building for 25 New Mexico Farm to School program representatives in New Mexico in March 2020. In addition, First Nations will support five model Native American entities in New Mexico looking to expand their Farm to School environmental and agricultural education activities. First Nations will also revise, publish and disseminate their Native Farm to School Resource Guide.

The second farm to school training grant of $50,000 from the USDA Food & Nutrition Service will provide a one- day training for invited Farm to School programs across Indian Country. First Nations will be convening these participants in March 2020. USDA representatives will be invited to attend the training to learn about Native Farm to School initiatives in New Mexico and share USDA resources.

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