Current Projects

Advancing Native Ecological Stewardship

Indigenous communities across America are experiencing a variety of climate change issues, including longer drought periods, increasing average temperatures, and increased watershed and resource issues.

First Nations’ Advancing Native Ecological Stewardship project helps Native communities address land management issues resulting from climate change, creating resources on community-driven conservation planning strategies, and developing strategies to advance climate adaptation planning.

Made possible with support from the USDA NRCS Outreach and Partnership Division, this project assists Native communities in advancing ecological stewardship efforts by providing educational resources and training and technical assistance. Through the project, participating Native food producers and tribal natural resource managers will be equipped with new tools to improve soil health, water quality and quantity; achieve strong and sustainable local food systems; and manage resources in keeping with Indigenous values of respect for the environment.

Information about upcoming webinars focused on natural resource management, wildlife management, and climate adaptation planning will be available soon.

First Nations’ train-the-trainer conservation planning instructor’s guide will be available in 2024.