Susan S. White

Member of the Board - In Memoriam

Oneida Nation of Wisconsin

(Note: First Nations mourns Susan White’s passing in June 2018.)

A citizen of the Oneida Nation in Wisconsin, Susan White served as director of the Oneida Trust Enrollment Department. She directed a multi-operational department in capital strategies for protection and growth of trust assets and for management of the Oneida Nation’s census records. Susan maintained the trust’s sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) philosophy by coordinating shareholder activism for Indigenous peoples rights and well-being when affected by corporations. Susan was also responsible for the maintenance and protection of Tribal citizen records for the elected Oneida Trust Enrollment Committee.

Susan’s work in shareholder advocacy granted her and the Oneida Trust Enrollment Committee the Harvard Honoring Nations American Indian Economic Development Award in 2010 for advocacy through investment holdings, the SRI Service Award in 2011, and recognition as a speaker at Native American Finance and National Aboriginal Trust Officers Association conferences and the SRI Conference.

Susan started her career in the financial industry in 1987, and began working for the Oneida Nation in 1994. With the advent of Indian gaming, Susan built the Trust Enrollment Department to be a pivotal function in the Oneida Nation’s infrastructure by developing the trust funds as an endowment vehicle to fund scholarship programs, other departments, and a nationwide life insurance policy for all Oneida citizens.

Aside from her career, Susan was also active serving as co-chair for the Investors and Indigenous Peoples Working Group, the First Nations Development Institute Board of Directors, the Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay Emeritus, the Oneida Auxiliary VFW Post 7784, a trustee for the Episcopal Diocese of Fond Du Lac, and the American Foundation for Counseling Services Ethics in Business Selection Committee. She resided in Oneida, Wisconsin, with her husband and two sons.

Susan joined the board of First Nations in June 2017, but unfortunately, resigned due to health reasons in March 2018. Sadly, Susan passed away on June 25, 2018.

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