Current Issue

March 2021

Dear Friends,
The year 2021 has started strong at First Nations and our support of Native communities. As we enter spring, we continue to invest in the ingenuity of our community partners as they create and bolster systems and solutions for improved health, infrastructure, and economies. The effects of COVID-19 linger, but the resilience and strength of Native communities still shines through. Here, we again are happy to share some of their stories. We wish you all a safe and healthy spring.

The March 2021 Indian Giver features:

  • “Dotting the “I” at The Ohio State University”– Learn about First Nations’ partnership with The Ohio State University to examine the dispossession of tribal lands at this land-grant university.
  • “Connecting the Birth World to the Earth World” – Read how Roberta Eaglehorse-Ortiz is using the power of community to build capacity at Wombyn’s Wellness Garden with support from First Nations’ Native Fundraisers Community of Practice.
  • Native communities respond to COVID-19 – Read about the impact First Nations’ COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund is having on grantees throughout Indian Country.
  • Knowledge Makers, Knowledge Sharers – Get to know Luce Indigenous Knowledge Fellow Trisha Moquino, who knows the value of Native languages. Learn how her Keres language revitalization efforts are strengthening Keres culture and values.
  • Donor Spotlight – Meet kindergarten teacher Justin Way who is going to hike 486 miles on the Colorado Trail in support of Native communities.

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