Current Projects

Native Fundraisers Community of Practice

Building a Sustainable Future for Native Organizations and Tribal Programs

The Native Fundraisers Community of Practice (NFCoP) cultivates a “community of practice” of emerging Native fundraisers, trainers, facilitators, and presenters to foster peer learning and sharing among the community of practices members. Together they enhance their grant writing and fundraising skills and strengthen the long-term sustainability of Native nonprofits and tribal programming working in the space of community and economic development.


Learn from the NFCoP Exprience

Hear several NFCoP members share their firsthand experience about how the grant writing program made a personal and professional impact.

Chris Coburn (Muscogee Creek and Cherokee) – CEO
Mvskoke Fund

Christopher Coburn from Mvskoke Fund shares how fundraising helped expand the organization and increase capacity to serve more individuals.

Kristina Stanley (Ojibwe) – Operations Manager

Hear Kristina Stanley from Cohort 2 talk about fundraising for I-Collective through a cultural lens.

Meagen Baldy (Hupa) – Food Inspector
Klamath Trinity Resource Conservation District

Meagan Baldy from Cohort 3 speaks about overcoming the challenges of fundraising.

Sunshine Carlow (Standing Rock Sioux Tribe) –
Wichakini Owayawa Finance Manager & Lakoliyapi Primary Montessori Guide
Lakota Immersion School

Hear Sunshine Carlow from Lakota Immersion School shares her experience being a Native fundraiser and how NFCOP exposed her to a well-rounded approach to fundraising.

Tahlia Natachu (Zuni Pueblo) – Youth Development Coordinator
Zuni Youth Enrichment Project

Tahlia Natachu from Zuni Youth Enrichment Program talks about NFCoP’s role in developing new skills to support their current programming.

Jessica Quintana (Oneida Decendent) – Board Administrator
Woodland Indian Art, Inc

Jessica Quintana shares her experience participating in First Nations NFCoP and growing as a fundraiser supporting the Native-led nonprofit Woodland Indian Art, Inc.

Tracy Williams (Oneida)
Oneida Nation – Oneida Language Department

Tracy Williams the Director of the Oneida Language Department shares her program and fundraising goals for the Oneida language immersion nest. Tracy is a graduate of First Nations’ Native Fundraisers Community of Practice.

Curtis Chavez (Cochiti)
Keres Children Learning Center

Dr. Curtis Chavez the Development Director for the Keres Children Learning Center located in Cochiti Pueblo completed the Native Fundraisers Community of Practice. Listen to Dr. Chavez share learning insights from his experience.

Delesslin Roo George-Warren (Catawba)

Delesslin “Roo” George-Warren is a citizen of the Catawba Indian Nation and a graduate of the Native Fundraisers Community of Practice. Roo speaks about the importance of connecting with other Native communities in the grant writing and funding space.

Kyndall Noah (Choctaw)
Owens Vally Indian Water Commission

Kendall Noah (Choctaw) is a Communications Specialist and Project Coordinator for Owens Valley Indian Water Commission. As a graduate of the Native Fundraisers Community of Practice, Kyndall shares valuable insights about philanthropy in Indian Country and changes his writing to incorporate a strength based approach.


Making the NFCoP Pitch

The NFCoP members were invited to create a pitch as way to practice “making the ask” to funders.  They selected a quick 30-second pitch, a short 4-minute pitch, or pecha kucha (20 slides at 20 seconds per slide). Most of the pitches were pre-recorded and shown to the NFCoP members; and a few members did a live pitch!

Kinsinta Joseph (Hupa) – President and Founder
Baskets Back Home

Hear Kinsinta Joseph from Cohort 3 share the importance of basketweaving and its cultural significance for her community.

Meagan Baldy (Hupa)- Food Inspector
Klamath Trinity Resource Conservation District

Meagen Baldy from Klamath Trinity Resource District talks about food security and the various projects the organization oversees to combat food insecurity.

Carina Miller (Warm Springs, Wasco) – Food System Project Manager
Warm Springs Community Action Team

Hear Carina Miller from Cohort 3 speak about building a healthy food system in the community and what they are doing to address this.

Jessica Quintana (Oneida) – Multi Media Specialist
Woodland Indian Art

Jessica Quintana from Woodland Indian Arts shares the history of her organization and the different offerings or opportunities the organization provides for Woodland Indian artists.

Carolyn Smith (Karuk) –
Scholar and Traditional Basket Weaver

Hear Carolyn Smith from Da’Luk Youth Program talk about promoting healing for youth through culturally-rooted lessons.

Isaiah Thompson (San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians) – Executive Director
Inter Tribal Sports

Isaiah Thompson from Inter Tribal Sports shares the benefits of his organization’s programming for Native youth.

Curtis Chavez (Cochiti Pueblo) – Development Director
Keres Learning Center Montessori

Hear Curtis Chavez from Keres Learning Center Montessori talk about the importance of language immersion for Keres-speaking children.

Jen Schlaich – Grants Manager
Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance

Jen Schlaich from Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance shares the importance of tribal food systems in addressing food climate-related challenges.

Jerome Garcia (Cochiti Pueblo) – Administrative Assistant
Keres Learning Center Montessori

Jerome Garcia from Cohort 2 shares more information about the Keres Learning Center Montessori.

Korissa Howes (Fond Du Lac Tribe of Ojibwe) – Curriculum Coordinator
Bdote Learning Center

Korissa Howes from Bdote Learning Center speaks about the Dakota and Ojibwe language loss and ways the organization is working the empower youth to learn their language and culture.

Kristina Stanely (Ojibwe) – Operations Manager

Kristina Stanley from I-Collective speaks about the significance of Indigenous food sovereignty and the role it plays in the work the organization does.

Nicole Sieminski (Tulalip) – Executive Director
Tulalip Foundation

Hear Nicole Sieminski from Cohort 2 talk about Tulalip Foundation’s charitable work.

DeLesslin “Roo” George-Warren (Catawba Indian Nation) – Consultant
Catawba Indian Nation

Roo George-Warren from Catawba Indian Nation shares the ways the organization, Natives in Tech, are fighting back against the lack of Natives in the STEM field.

Steven Holley (Dena’ina) – Project Coordinator
Alaska Village Initiatives,  Alaska Carbon Exchange

Hear Steven Holley from Cohort 2 speak about Alaska Village Initiatives’ “mixed-economy” model where they work within terms and conditions of the community at hand.

Tahlia Natachu (Zuni Pueblo) – Youth Development Coordinator
Zuni Youth Enrichment Project

Tahlia Natachu from Cohort 2 talks about the growth of the Zuni Youth Enrichment Project over the years.

Tracy Williams (Oneida) – Language Director
Oneida Nation of Wisconsin

Tracey Williams from Oneida Nation of Wisconsin shares her elder’s legacy and success of the Oneida Language Department.