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Native Farm to School Guide: Connecting Traditional Foods, Stories, Language, and Community

First Nations recognizes that the deep roots of Native communities in tending and harvesting food have grown into contemporary farming,…


Increasing Ecological Stewardship of Tribal Lands, Natural Resources and Historical Sites

In November 2018, First Nations Development Institute convened representatives of 15 tribes and Native nonprofit organizations alongside natural resource professionals…


Native Farm-to-School Resource Guide

This guide is a comprehensive manual for planning and implementing farm-to-school programs in Native American communities. Native farm-to-school programs have…


Conservation Planning Tools and Resources: A Reference for Agricultural Producers

This workbook was developed to provide agricultural producers and other land managers with information and online resources that may be…


Indigenous Food Sovereignty Sources Guide

This list was compiled in an attempt to house resources on food sovereignty in a central location for the benefit…


Cooking Healthier with FDPIR Foods

A cookbook of recipes that use foods and ingredients included in the FDPIR (Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations) package.…


Reference Guide for Community Food Assessments

This resource guide is a survey of topics you will encounter when assessing your food system. Current models of food…


A Conservation Planning Guide for Native American Ranchers

Keeping rangeland healthy and productive is an important part of ranching. As a result, ranchers increase herd health, production and…


Blackfeet Reservation Community Food Security and Food Sovereignty Assessment

Prepared by Marissa McElrone, this document was created for the use of FAST Blackfeet (Food Access and Sustainability Team) to…